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      “And Sergei?”
      No. Only the ones that catch sex offenders like you. I answered.
      A completely real story from my personal life, why I am writing, I don’t know myself. I am married for the second time. My beautiful girl’s name is Xenia. The first intimacy was incredible and completely turned my life around. External and internal beauty, sexuality and temperament and, most surprisingly, a clear mind, did their job. As a result, we are husband and wife and we are happy together. In this message to the audience, I am going to describe the adventures of my wife “to the left” from the beginning of our life together, and if anyone is interested, the continuation will follow.
      Mom saw this, after a couple of seconds she covered the cock with a dress, quickly got out of bed, and hurried to her bedroom, slamming the door there. Then I heard a muffled “Fool … what are you doing … how could this be.” I can’t sleep either. I, like you, have this problem too.
      If so, then get it. And when the sperm began to splash into Olin’s mouth in jerks, she swallowed it with rapture, not having time, and therefore a white drop appeared in the corner of her lips, which she licked after sucking everything dry, to a sluggish state, after this drooping creature left her mouth.
      “Well, I was thinking from the disco. I couldn’t figure out how I could see you”
      She affectionately said this, remembering all the details of today’s blowjob. She also remembered that she unconsciously tasted the sperm and smiled so that Slava did not see.
      The rest of the girls, as if reluctantly, but still touched my ass too. The last to touch her was the same singer that I liked. The girls joked and complimented me. They touched my abs and hands. I moved to the beat of the music, but most of all I looked at the singer. Catching my gaze, she smiled sweetly at me, but she looked more at my body and cast a glance between my legs, apparently interested in what was in my shorts. After some time, the girls took another glass of champagne and laughing let me go to the kitchen. I brought an empty tray and began to prepare for my number. At this time, one of the guests congratulated the birthday girl.
      And so our relationship between Katya and her mother continued. Well, what happened next is a completely different story.

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